Wholehearted Wellness

What is Wholehearted Wellness?

Wholehearted Wellness is the commitment to your whole health - your body, your mind, and your spirit. Willow Counseling recognizes that your physical health and your spiritual health impact your mental health. We can help you find connections or begin working through any misalignments between your emotions, thoughts, physical experiences and sensations, and spiritual understandings. By focusing on you as a whole person, we not only help you with your mental health but with your quality of life. A deeper understanding of your mind, body, and spirit can lead to greater self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.


Whole + hearted, comprehensive, sincere, complete, and devoted

Wholehearted Wellness is an honest commitment to your whole self - the health of your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Mind-Body-Spirit Connections

Every mental health concern has mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational symptoms.

Trauma dysregulates the nervous system and negatively changes your views of self and the world. It can also leave you feeling alienated from those around you.

Anxiety and stress increase inflammation in the body and can cause headaches, gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances, muscle tension and pain, and more.

Compassion fatigue and burnout wears you down, decreasing your positive beliefs in yourself, in humanity, and in your sense of purpose.

We think of grief as an intense emotional experience, but we also feel it physically and it can cause us to reevaluate our spiritual beliefs.

At Willow Counseling, we understand these connections.

With Wholehearted Wellness, you can regulate your nervous system, decrease inflammation, restore or redefine your faith, and renew your sense of purpose.

How Willow Counseling Can Help

A simple way we incorporate your physical health is that we always recommend you visit a primary care doctor to screen for any thyroid, iron, or GI issues so that you can begin any recommended supplements or medication, especially if you are dealing with anxiety and depression as those can be worsened by those physical concerns.

We also offer an outdoor anxiety support group that provides education and opportunities to practice skills related to anxiety’s impact on the body, mind, and emotions. During the hourlong walk in a nature setting, we incorporate nutrition tips, mindfulness techniques, values, and more.

Trauma causes disconnection between our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. We survived the trauma, which is the most important fact in the moment. However, in order to survive, we have to disconnect from ourselves so that we are not overwhelmed by the full emotional pain or physical impact of what happened to us. As part of trauma therapy, we utilize EMDR and somatic interventions to gradually and safely increase awareness of both emotions and body sensations and to bring into alignment our thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences.

With both grief and trauma, Willow Counseling therapists know how to respectfully walk with you as you process your spiritual beliefs and understandings of yourself and the world. We will never tell you what you should think, feel, or believe, but we can help guide you to a deeper exploration if you feel stuck or confused. We give you the space to question, doubt, affirm, or hold into your beliefs.

What is called genius is the abundance of life and health

Henry David Thoreau

Begin Your Wholehearted Wellness Journey

Willow Counseling offers both individual and group therapy. Individual therapy sessions are held weekly or biweekly and last 45 or 60 minutes. Group therapy options for anxiety, compassion fatigue, and wholehearted wellness are offered two times a year and run for six weeks. Regular mindfulness walks are offered to individuals who have completed any of Willow Counseling's groups. If you live in the Nashville area and are ready to find wholehearted wellness, we are here to help. To begin individual counseling or to be considered for one of our groups, follow these three steps:

  1. Contact our counseling office by email at info@willowcounseling.org or by phone at 615-235-3508 to schedule a free in-person 30 minute consultation
  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our wholehearted wellness counselors.
  3. Begin your wholehearted wellness journey!
A willow branch illustrating the growth Nashville residents can get from anxiety treatment for panic attacks at Willow Counseling. Willow Counseling also offers trauma therapy, treatment for depression, and help for compassion fatigue in Nashville.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn how you can pursue wholehearted wellness.

Willow Leaf. Anxiety treatment with a therapist in Nashville can help you grow. Willow Counseling also offers trauma therapy, treatment for depression, and help for compassion fatigue in Nashville.

Begin individual therapy at Willow Counseling. Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our wholehearted wellness counselors.

Another photo of a willow leaf. Our Nashville therapists offer anxiety treatment for symptoms of anxiety. Willow Counseling also offers trauma therapy, treatment for depression, and help for compassion fatigue in Nashville.

Ready to stop walking this road alone? Sign up for our Outdoor Support Group for Anxiety.

Other therapeutic services offered at Willow Counseling

Willow Counseling offers a variety of therapeutic services to help you on your road to wholehearted wellness & better mental health. Some of our other counseling services include counseling for trauma and EMDR therapy, therapy for compassion fatigue, help for anxiety, and group counseling services for anxiety and compassion fatigue.  If you are ready to find healing and live in the Nashville area, our therapists are here to help!