Schedule a Session

So you want to start therapy! 


We recommend scheduling a free 30-minute consultation first. A consultation can be a great way to meet a therapist, ask questions, and see if they are someone you would like to work with. We want you to feel comfortable with your therapist and get all your questions answered before investing in the therapy process. 


You can contact us directly to schedule or request a consultation time using our online calendar. 


Starting takes courage. But the ability to better handle stress, find relief, and increase confidence is worth it.

Contacting Us Directly

Step 1:
Reach out! You can contact us by email at, by phone at 615-235-3508, or by using the webform below. 

Step 2:
Connect with a therapist. Our Intake Coordinator will respond to your initial inquiry within 24-48 hours letting you know available times for scheduling a consultation.

Step 3:
Schedule a consultation. Pick a time for your consultation, or if none of the listed times work, our Intake Coordinator will work with you to finalize a consultation time.

Step 4:
Show up! Meet your therapist, ask any questions, and then, if you’re ready to move forward, schedule an intake at the end of your consultation.

Request a Consultation Online

Step 1:
Check out which therapists are taking new clients on our
Meet the Staff page and then view their availability on our Online Calendar.

Step 2:
Request a 30-minute consultation, making sure to select an appointment for exactly 30 minutes. Any requests for time slots lasting 15 minutes or 45+ minutes will result in your request getting declined.

Step 3:
Wait for confirmation from the therapist. If for any reason your request gets declined, expect to hear from the therapist or Intake Coordinator to reschedule.

Step 4:
Show up! Meet your therapist, ask any questions, and then, if you’re ready to move forward, schedule an intake at the end of your consultation.

Check out our What to Expect and Fees & Insurance pages for answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions or want to submit a request for a free 30-minute consultation, click the "Contact Us" button above. We are happy to help!


If you are feeling suicidal, in crisis, or need immediate help, you can get support in the following ways:

- Call the 24/7 TN Statewide Crisis Phone Line at 855-CRISIS-1 (855-274-7471) to speak with trained and supportive crisis counselors. 

- Text HOME to 741741 for free, 24/7, confidential crisis support through the Crisis Text Line

- Call the 24/7 Davidson County Crisis Phone Line at 615-726-0125 to speak with a triage counselor who will assist you in determining immediate action steps. 

- For a crisis with minors, call the Mobile Crisis Line at 866-791-9222. 

- Visit the 24-hour walk-in crisis center located at 250 Cumberland Bend, Nashville, TN 37228.


For immediate help concerning sexual assault:

- Call the Sexual Assault Center 24/7 Crisis and Support Line at 800-879-1999. 


For a domestic violence crisis:

- Call the YW Domestic Violence Center Crisis and Support Help Line at 800-334-4628.