Outdoor Anxiety & Stress Support Group

Willow Counseling has created a unique and holistic outdoor walking group for anxiety and stress that combines interventions from Cognitive Behavioral TherapyAcceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness-based practices, health and wellness best practices, Somatic therapies, Positive Psychology, and more in order to give you a well-rounded toolkit for understanding and decreasing stress and anxiety’s impact on your physical health, mental health, and emotional health. Or, as we call it at Willow Counseling - wholehearted wellness.

Give yourself a weekly, one hour break to refresh and refocus at our Nashville-based anxiety support group.


"Amanda did a wonderful job leading a meaningful, safe group experience. Processing stress and anxiety while walking outdoors has been one of the most useful coping skills I've utilized thus far in my 20+ years of living with an anxiety disorder."
-JF, Spring 2019 group

Positively Impacting Body, Mind, & Spirit

We all experience the toll of the normal demands of everyday life - commuting in traffic, an overflowing inbox, the 24/7 news cycle, social media, complex decision making. This was all true pre-pandemic, and even more so now. Between this mental fatigue and working and living in artificial environments, we’re left with inattentiveness, irritability, impulsiveness, exhaustion, and a general lack of focus. In contrast, spending just 30 minutes a day in natural settings has proven rejuvenating effects - a calming effect on stress, improvement in long-term psychological well-being, and fewer illnesses. By walking together in nature, we can positively impact our body, mind and spirit.

FALL 2023

When: 6 weeks starting Sept 18th at 11:00a
Where: Radnor Lake State Park
Fees: $45 per week or $250 in advance

Who should Register? 

This group is ideal for anyone who 

-is curious about therapy for stress and anxiety,
-wants a supplement to work they’re already doing with a current therapist, or 
-needs a booster for work they’ve previously done.

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You can also schedule immediately online for a free "Group Consultation - 30 min" with Irene Grant or Sarah Smith using the Sign Up Now button below.