Holiday workshop series

The holiday season is exciting, but it can bring its own set of challenges. Have you ever felt overwhelmed, lonely, or sad during the holiday season? Join us for our FREE Holiday Workshop Series where we will be discussing how to deal with hard stuff and take better care of ourselves during the holiday season.

December 2022

Making Time for Self-Care - This week we will be discussing self care! What does it mean to take care of you during a time of year that demands so much? Join us to learn how to better care for yourself over the holidays.


In person - Monday, December 5th 6-7PM

Virtual - Tuesday, December 6th 12-1PM


Loneliness During the "Happiest Time of the Year" - Are you feeling lonely this year? Maybe you’re unable to travel home to see loved ones. Maybe you are surrounded by people but feel alone even still. Join us this week as we talk about dealing with loneliness during this season.


In person - Monday, December 12th 6-7PM

Virtual - Tuesday, December 13th 12-1PM


Honoring Our Griefs and Loss - Grief can show up around the holidays whether we expect it or not. If you are missing someone this holiday season, you are not alone. Join us this week as we discuss how to deal with feelings of loss and grief during the holidays.


In person - Monday, December 19th 6-7PM

Virtual - Tuesday, December 20th 12-1PM

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