Group Therapy

Group therapy is a great resource for learning new skills and finding encouragement in the midst of your experiences. Whether you’re trying out therapy for the first time or meet regularly with an individual therapist you love, group therapy holds many benefits. Willow Counseling offers a variety of groups in Nashville, led by our team of staff therapists and interns. Learn more about our current and upcoming groups below.

Wholehearted Wellness - Stress & Anxiety

Get your body moving and endorphins flowing in this outdoor walking group. By combining psychology with health and wellness, Willow Counseling has created a unique and holistic group to benefit your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Compassion Fatigue Resiliency Group

As therapists, we hold the honor of bearing witness to our clients' stories of pain and triumph, joy and despair. The question then becomes not "if" but "when" this work takes a toll on our own emotional and mental well-being. Gather with your peers and colleagues to gain support, identify your unique stressors, and develop protective factors to secondary trauma and burnout. Only out of a place of true health can we best help those we serve.