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outdoor anxiety support group

Get your body moving and endorphins flowing while learning tips to decrease stress and anxiety. Bring your questions, find support, and experience the physical and mental benefits of the great outdoors.

We all experience the toll of the normal demands of everyday life - commuting in traffic, an overflowing inbox, the 24/7 news cycle, social media, complex decision making. Between this mental fatigue and working and living in artificial environments, we’re left with inattentiveness, irritability, impulsiveness, exhaustion, and a general lack of focus. In contrast, spending just 30 minutes a day in natural settings has proven rejuvenating effects - a calming effect on stress, improvement in long-term psychological well-being, and fewer illnesses. By walking together in nature, we can positively impact our body, mind and spirit.

"Amanda did a wonderful job leading a meaningful, safe group experience. Processing stress and anxiety while walking outdoors has been one of the most useful coping skills I've utilized thus far in my 20+ years of living with an anxiety disorder."
-JF, Spring 2019 group


Date: Mondays, March 15 - April 19
Time: 12:30-1:30pm


Date: Wednesdays, March 17 - April 21
Time: 4:30-5:30pm

Where: Radnor Lake State Park
Fees: $40 per week or $200 in advance

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Compassion Fatigue Resiliency Group

As therapists, we hold the honor of bearing witness to our clients' stories of pain and triumph, joy and despair. The question then becomes not "if" but "when" this work takes a toll on our own emotional and mental well-being.

Gather with your peers and colleagues to gain support, identify your unique stressors, and develop protective factors to secondary trauma and burnout. Only out of a place of true health can we best help those we serve.


When: Coming Soon 
Where: Willow Counseling offices
Fees: $60 per week, $300 for 6 weeks

To register, schedule a "Therapy Intake - 60 min" online using the Sign Up Now button below.

Call 615-235-3508 or email for more information.