Fees & Insurance

Investing in your health is a financial commitment, and we believe your mental and emotional well-being are worth the investment.

Standard Rates

Our standard fee at Willow Counseling is $135 for a 45-minute session. Longer sessions with a higher rate are required for intake sessions, EMDR processing sessions, and couples/family therapy sessions. Longer sessions are also always an option for anyone who wants to have more time to meet with their therapist.

Additional Options

From the beginning, Willow’s mission has been to provide quality, trauma-informed mental health counseling to the Nashville community. This mission comes at a cost, and to stay afloat, most local therapists have to charge $150+ per session. While we have managed to keep our standard session fee below that rate, we also recognize that this fee is still unattainable for many in the Nashville community. 

Thanks to our graduate-level intern education program, Willow Counseling offers reduced fee sessions as low as $68 per session. We also partner with organizations and funds that can offer reduced session rates, grants, and reimbursements to qualifying clients. For more information on those partnerships, you can visit our Community Partnerships page.

Invest In Your Health

A willow branch illustrating the growth Nashville residents can get from anxiety treatment for panic attacks at Willow Counseling. Willow Counseling also offers trauma therapy, treatment for depression, and help for compassion fatigue in Nashville.

45-Minute Session: $135
With a Graduate-Level Intern: $68

Willow Leaf. Anxiety treatment with a therapist in Nashville can help you grow. Willow Counseling also offers trauma therapy, treatment for depression, and help for compassion fatigue in Nashville.
Intakes, Couples and Family, Longer Individual Sessions

60-Minute Session: $180
With a Graduate-Level Intern: $90

Another photo of a willow leaf. Our Nashville therapists offer anxiety treatment for symptoms of anxiety. Willow Counseling also offers trauma therapy, treatment for depression, and help for compassion fatigue in Nashville.
EMDR, Somatic, Trauma Sessions

75-Minute Session: $225
With a Graduate-Level Intern: $113*
*These sessions require specialized training and are currently not offered by graduate-level interns.

Statement on Insurance

Willow Counseling is considered an out-of-network mental health provider, meaning we do not accept or bill insurance directly. We can accept HSA cards or provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance provider. Reimbursement from your insurance is dependent on the coverage provided by your insurance policy for out-of-network mental health providers. Some policies will reimburse you for out-of-network visits, either partially or in full, so it is worth contacting them to find out.

Good Faith Estimates

  • You have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your medical care will cost.
  • Under the law, healthcare providers need to give patients who donʼt have insurance or who are not using insurance an estimate of the bill for medical items and services.
  • You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of any nonemergency items or services. This includes related costs like medical tests, prescription drugs, equipment, and hospital fees.
  • Make sure your healthcare provider gives you a Good Faith Estimate in writing at least 1 business day before your medical service or item. You can also ask your healthcare provider, and any other provider you choose, for a Good Faith Estimate before you schedule an item or service.
  • If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more than your Good Faith Estimate, you can dispute the bill.
  • Make sure to save a copy or picture of your Good Faith Estimate. For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, visit www.cms.gov/nosurprises or call 615-988-4763.
  • If you are a current client and would like to request a Good Faith Estimate, please complete the form below. Your Good Faith estimate will be emailed to you within 24 business hours.