EMDR Consultation

Willow Counseling offers both individual and group EMDR consultations for EMDRIA-trained EMDR clinicians worldwide. Consultations are provided by Amanda Roman, LPC-MHSP, an EMDRIA consultant who has practiced EMDR for over a decade and specializes in complex trauma, somatic therapies, parts work, grief, anxiety, compassion fatigue/burnout, and recent event protocols.

Individual & Dyad EMDR Consultation

30-minute or 60-minute consultations

Mondays and Tuesdays


Cost, Individual:

Cost, Dyad:
$150/hour total, $75/hour per consultee

*Interested in a consultation but can’t find a time to book? Email emdr@willowcounseling.org, and we’ll work with your schedule.


Group EMDR Consultation

60 minutes

2nd Tuesday of each month at 12p CST



*Limited to 6 participants


Consultation for EMDRIA Certification

Due to the learning requirements between consultations, it’s recommended that all individual and dyad consultation sessions are held monthly. Meeting more frequently will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Before embarking on the EMDR Certification process, make sure to review EMDRIA’s certification requirements

If you are interested in becoming an EMDRIA certified therapist, Willow Counseling can help. For more information or to sign-up, email emdr@willowcounseling.org.

Dyad consultation package (20 hours)

$2800 total, $1400 per clinician

In this option, EMDR clinicians are partnered to form a dyad.

Each consultation is 2 hours long and held 10 times over the course of 5-10 months.

Individual consultation (10 hours)


This option is best for clinicians who are splitting their required 20 consultation hours between two consultants or for clinicians who are getting their 10 group consultation hours from another consultant.

Individual certification package (20 hours)


This option is best for clinicians who want to receive both their 10 hours of individual consultation and their 10 hours of group consultation from Willow Counseling. Group consultations are offered on Tuesdays (virtual) at 12p and Wednesdays (in-person) at 11a.