What Is EMDR Early Intervention?


EMDR is an evidence-based therapy designed to alleviate some of the distress and anguish that occurs after trauma. In many cases, EMDR helps people heal at much faster rates when compared to clients receiving traditional talk therapy.  But should you seek EMDR right after a trauma? Is there such a thing as getting help too…

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Questioning Your Religion? Why It’s Normal and How to Cope

What do you do when the source of comfort or strength now brings a sense of doubt or dread? If you’re questioning your religion, you might feel alone, scared, or guilty. These feelings can compound over time, exacerbating a more profound sense of shame. Unfortunately, many people suffer in silence. They don’t know if it’s…

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Can a Relationship Cause PTSD?

Relationship PTSD

Trauma can undoubtedly impact your entire livelihood. In some cases, residual trauma symptoms may lead to PTSD, a complex condition often associated with hyperarousal, rumination, and avoidance. If left untreated, PTSD can leave lasting effects on your self-esteem, sense of safety, mental health, and physical health.  If you’ve ever been abused or threatened by someone,…

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What Makes Us So Afraid of Being Vulnerable?

afraid of being vulnerable

Maybe you want to feel closer to other people. Maybe you also want to be authentic and bold and honest and embrace your truest self. And yet, something stops you from feeling safe. Something causes you to hold back, withdraw, lie, and restrain yourself. What causes people to be afraid of being vulnerable? And if…

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