As A Reminder, Your Fears, Thoughts, And Feelings About COVID-19 Are Normal

Are you tired of watching the news and scrolling through the endless posts on Facebook? Do you want to throw something every time you hear the phrase, new normal?

Maybe you feel scared and overwhelmed. Maybe you feel frustrated and angry. Perhaps you feel numb- completely and utterly numb.

While your feelings about COVID-19 might seem erratic, they are entirely normal. They represent a universal reaction to a life-changing experience. While knowing they are normal doesn’t necessarily make them feel less intense, it can provide a sense of reassurance that you aren’t alone. 

It’s Normal To Feel Confused About What To Trust

During COVID-19, some people have found themselves more attached to the news. Others have turned it off entirely. And many people rightfully feel lost and helpless about where to obtain reliable information. 

Due to 24/7 media exposure, we’re constantly inundated with messages about what we’re supposed to do and not supposed to do. Unfortunately, many recommendations seem to conflict with one another. It can be downright baffling to know where to turn. 

Furthermore, because this strain of the virus is so novel, the guidelines change regularly. These quick changes can make it even more challenging to stay updated. As a result, many people feel confused and even frustrated. 

It’s Normal To Feel Really Scared

Most of us feel scared, but some people feel really, really scared right now. These experiences are all relative, and they are all valid.

This is because nobody knows how long this pandemic will last. We don’t know the severity of what could happen. At the moment, there isn’t a cure, and cases and deaths continue to be an ongoing problem. 

In addition to medical fears, people are scared of other serious issues. These include problems related to unemployment, financial distress, lack of socialization, and declining mental health. We don’t know the true impact of these issues, either. They could continue unfolding for many more months or years. 

It’s Normal To Feel Irritated With Others

We can’t deny that politics have become entangled with this pandemic. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, there’s a chance you might feel annoyed with the other party. The upcoming election continues to heighten these tensions. 

Furthermore, it’s no secret that this pandemic is triggering frustration and discourse between family, friends, employers, and strangers. Some people follow different guidelines than others. As a result, it may seem downright impossible to agree to disagree. 

It’s Normal To Feel Guilty For Enjoying Quarantine 

Have you been able to spend more time with family over the past few months? Have you taken up a new hobby, like gardening or baking bread? In other words, has the pandemic been relatively good to you? If so, you might experience pandemic guilt.

Pandemic guilt can happen when your life hasn’t been adversely affected, despite other people becoming sick, losing their jobs, or worrying about their financial health. It can also occur if you find yourself enjoying quarantine and the sense of “slowness” it offers. 

It’s Normal To Feel “Over It”

Have you heard of the term pandemic fatigue? It refers to the mental exhaustion associated with taking necessary precautions. 

Because let’s be honest. It’s not fun to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and avoid risky activities. We all crave normalcy. And for many people, the idea of COVID-19 still feels largely abstract, as if it’s an issue that only impacts other people.

It’s Normal To Feel Unfazed By The Pandemic

For some people, life may still feel relatively normal. For example, if you already worked-from-home, you didn’t need to transition into a new way of doing business. If you live in a more rural area, you may not see many people on a daily basis. 

Or, you may have other pressing issues (such as a divorce, death in the family, separate medical issues) that take precedent over the role of COVID-19 in your life. If you feel unfazed, your experience isn’t any less valid. It simply means this is where you are right now in life. 

What If You Can’t Cope With Your Feelings About COVID-19?

We’re all in a difficult place right now. That goes without saying. 

But some people may find it much harder to cope with their feelings than others. Risk factors for this excess struggling include:

  • Being immunocompromised. 
  • A history of trauma.
  • Co-occurring mental health conditions like depression or anxiety.
  • Lack of a healthy support system.

If you feel like your emotions are unbearable, it might be time to seek professional help. Therapy offers a safe and compassionate place for you to process your feelings. It also provides action-based coping skills for managing your distress.

At Willow Counseling, we are here for you throughout this time. We understand that life is different right now, and we recognize the need for support and relief. Contact us today to schedule your first session. 

Willow Counseling, PLLC – Nashville, TN

Willow Counseling, PLLC exists to provide quality trauma-informed mental health counseling to the Nashville community, recognizing the interconnectedness of our emotional, spiritual and physical selves. We work together to alleviate symptoms, learn better coping skills, relieve burdens, remove the pain of trauma, and so much more. However, our greatest desire is for you to know what it means to feel purpose and joy again and to recognize the strength and worth you have to offer the world.


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