Can a Relationship Cause PTSD?

Relationship PTSD

Trauma can undoubtedly impact your entire livelihood. In some cases, residual trauma symptoms may lead to PTSD, a complex condition often associated with hyperarousal, rumination, and avoidance. If left untreated, PTSD can leave lasting effects on your self-esteem, sense of safety, mental health, and physical health.  If you’ve ever been abused or threatened by someone,…

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What Makes Us So Afraid of Being Vulnerable?

afraid of being vulnerable

Maybe you want to feel closer to other people. Maybe you also want to be authentic and bold and honest and embrace your truest self. And yet, something stops you from feeling safe. Something causes you to hold back, withdraw, lie, and restrain yourself. What causes people to be afraid of being vulnerable? And if…

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Healing after a Bad Experience with Therapy

Seeking therapy requires immense courage and willingness. It’s a vulnerable decision, but the journey can result in profound growth and change.  However, if you’ve ever had a bad experience with therapy, you might feel frustrated, confused, and angry about what happened. You may also feel completely turned off against pursuing future mental health treatment.  These…

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